76L Overpack Drum for Bottles, Cans and 22L Buckets (4612515102755)

76L Overpack Drum for Bottles, Cans and 22L Buckets

Transport chemicals and other hazardous products with this 76L Overpack Drum, which provides protective packaging for bottles, cans and 22 litre buckets.

The Overpack Drum, which has a 76 litre sump, meets the Group 1 Performance Packing Standards of UN Regulations. These specify how goods designated as 'high danger' can be carried on public roads and other transport routes.

The drum also functions as a Salvage Drum, so it can be used to ship leaking, damaged or non-compliant bottles / cans / buckets that contain hazardous materials. 

Manufactured in the UK, the Overpack Drum has:

  • A twist down lid that closes safely and securely
  • Ribbed sides for extra strength
  • A closed cell gasket in the lid that helps the seal to close
  • 100% UV protected polyethylene, to withstand a wide range of chemicals

In all, the drum can accommodate a maximum load of 66kg, with a sump that will safely hold up to 76 litres of chemicals or other hazardous materials, should they leak or spill.

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