9 Ltr Automatic Powder Fire Extinguisher (FSP9) (4575302713379)

9 Ltr Automatic Powder Fire Extinguisher (FSP9)

Powered by MAP 90 high performance powder, this extinguisher is a world-first. It is portable, takes over when the fire becomes too large to handle, and turns into a suppression system if no one is present. 

  • Deep drawn body 
  • Unique discharge mechanism combining manual and automatic activation
  • Two heat sensors for guaranteed performance
  • Durable EPDM rubber hose
  • Pressure gauge for easy checking

This one-of-a-kind extinguisher automatically activates when the surrounding temperature rises above 68ºC. In the event of a large fire, it can also be thrown in the direction of the fire and will activate automatically, extinguishing the flames. and allowing the firefighter to move to safety. Its versatility is not limited to the activation methods however, with this powder extinguisher being capable of tackling Class A, B, C and electrical fires. An excellent choice for enhanced safety and increased peace-of-mind in areas which are occasionally or permanently unmanned or anywhere requiring an instant extinguishing reaction. 


  • CE marked and LPCB approved
  • Fire rating: 27A, 144B
  • Dimensions: 67cm (h) x 17.5cm (diam.)
  • Filled weight: 16kg
  • Model number: FSP9
  • Product code: 100-1520

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