Basic Zenex Safety Lockout Padlocks

Proven popular with customers looking to separate, seal off and secure electrical junctions in situ, our basic Zenex safety lockout padlocks represent the ideal solution to an everyday problem encountered by certain professionals in their line of work.

Designed in such a way to cover a multitude of tasks, First Mats safety lockout padlocks are often chosen by tradespeople to warn people of potential danger. By being facilitated as a robust and instantly identifiable means of restricting access to a specific area during important works taking place within.

Define Working Parameters With Our Basic Zenex Safety Lockout Padlocks

However the colourful nature of our safety lockout padlocks (range of 9 different hues for ease of identification) exists not only to highlight the need to give particular machinery (or exposed electrical junctions) a wide berth, but also to clearly establish who is still employed on an individual installation at a glance. Which also includes labels.

Again, so as to define working parameters as such. Manufactured from a highly durable, non-conductive lightweight material known as Zentex, First Mats safety lockout padlocks are purpose-built. Whats more, its resistant compounds negates any compromising by moisture, UV light or corrosives.

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