Braked Pallet Truck - 2500kg (4584902721571)

Braked Pump Truck - 2500kg Capacity

This Braked Pump Truck is ideal for industrial workplaces where pump truck users need the extra safety offered by brakes, including:

  • workplaces with sloping floors
  • anywhere with Pallet Trucks that need to be kept stationary
  • times when walking speeds while using the Pallet Truck need to be controlled.

With a total load capacity of 2,500Kg, this is a heavy duty Pallet Truck that can handle large loads effortlessly and safely.

  • Compatible with Euro Pallets
  • Conforms to EN 1757-2
  • Complete with entry andÀ¹â‚¬ exit rollers
  • Progressive braking system and parking brake facility
  • High strength nylon steering wheels and front rollers, for smooth low-friction movement and resistance to wear and tear, impacts, chemicals and oils

The braking device allows the walking speed to be controlled by hand. Simply pull the brake knob upwards to activate the brake. The brake can be used whether the truck is moving or not.


  • Width over forks: 550mm
  • Fork length: 1,000mm
  • Fork width: 160mm
  • Raised height of forks: 200mm
  • Lowered height of forks: 85mm
  • Steering wheels: 200mm
  • Front rollers: 80mm

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