Clearbox Tilt Storage Bins (2 to 9 Compartments)

Store, display and pick small components and parts using these strong and non-toxic Clearbox Tilt Storage Bins, which are ideal for use in warehouses, assembly lines and  workshops.

Each unit contains between 2 and 9 removable transparent inner compartments, so you can choose the Bin that best suits your storage and picking needs.

The Tilt Storage Bins are strong: the beige outer body is manufactured from high-impact polystyrene plastic and the inner compartments are made from ABS plastic. The Tilt Bins are also not toxic, so they can be safely used in the food and medical sectors.

Order picking is easy, too, with these Storage Bins, as the tilting transparent compartments allow items to be viewed clearly and picked easily.

  • Offers dust-free storage for small parts and other items
  • All the units are 600mm wide and are available in six sizes, with between two and nine compartment
  • Storage Bins have zinc plated finish
  • Free delivery in mainland UK, within five working days

The Clearbox Tilt Storage Bins can be fixed directly to the wall, or fitted to freestanding metal racks (single or double sided), which can be converted into a mobile unit.

A retaining bar, for all Clearbox sizes, is also available separately. The bar will secure individual compartments in place and prevent them falling out, along with their contents, when in transit.


2 compartments

353mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 310mm (d)

3 compartments

240mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 197mm (d)

4 compartments

<207mm (h) x W600mm (w) x D171mm (d)

5 compartments

164mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 135mm (d)

6 compartments

113mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 93mm (d)

9 compartments

77mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 64mm (d) 

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