DL Self-Adhesive Floor Identification Markers

Protect and highlight your floor signs with these colour coded DL Self-Adhesive Floor Identification Markers. The flat PVC pockets provide a permanent covering for your safety messages and product information, and have a coloured border and see-through window for instant visibility. Once in place, they allow for quick and easy barcode scanning.
  • Manufactured from thin plastic membrane
  • Permanent industrial strength adhesive, so they can withstand warehouse traffic 
  • Low profile makes them trip-resistant and durable, even in forklift areas
  • Available in packs of 10, making them ideal for bulk stock locations


  • Use for stock rotation, pallet storage identification, safety signs, despatch ID and more
  • Also suitable for use on walls, doors or any other clean, dry, flat and sealed surface
  • Can be used alongside floor signals to convey messages

To use, place your safety message or product information in the PVC frame, which has a 199mm x 89mm clear window. Once in position, the durable and permanent frame bonds onto the surface.

The DL Self-Adhesive Floor Identification Markers are available in five bold colours and one black/yellow chevron, making them ideal for workplaces using 5S and Lean working systems.

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