Double IBC Spill Bund with Removable Deck - 1130L (4449958952995)

Our Double IBC Spill Bund is made in the UK from strong, corrosion-free material. The bund will catch any drips, spills or leaks from IBC containers to keep employees safe, prevent cross-contamination, and ensure legal compliance. The product is built to last for many years and provides great value compared to inferior models.

  • For many liquids, including chemicals, oils, and other fluids
  • High-quality, weatherproof design for indoor/outdoor use
  • Removable top grid for easy cleaning of the sump
  • Ensures compliance with UK oil regulations
  • Sump capacity: 1130L
  • Size: 245cm x 145cm x 58cm
  • Max load: 4000kg


Ensures legal compliance for oil storage

The Double IBC Spill Bund is a reliable investment in health and safety. Companies needing to store or transport industrial liquids, especially oils and fuel, will enjoy full legal compliance with UK oil storage regulations. The durable material and large sump capacity is suitable for chemicals, oils, and most other liquids.

Compatible with forklift and pallet trucks

Compatibility with forklift and pallet trucks allows for secure transportation on-site to prevent spillages and injuries, helping to keep employees healthy and safe, and ensuring good duty of care. Easy transportation via forklift or pallet truck increases productivity and maximises efficiency in the workplace.

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