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Double-Lift Electric Scissor Lift Trolley – 125kg–800kg Capacity

Our Double-Lift Electric Scissor Lift Trolleys provide you with one of the most efficient manual ways to transport heavy goods around your workplace. The additional lift height of the double scissors and the robust electric battery allow for increased productivity. 

Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, these lift trolleys are fitted with top-spec safety features including finger and toe guards, twin-braked castors and total stop brakes.

Key features:

  • Five different weight capacities available 
  • Easy to transport and manoeuvre 
  • Low maintenance ⁠– so no need for constant repairs
  • Non-marking tyres allow for use on all floors
  • Lowering speed controlled by the overload valve
  • Double scissor design 

Ideally suited for use at the start or end of a production line, these Double-Lift Electric Scissor Lift Trolleys can be used in a wide variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, retail, packaging and shipping, engineering and automotive.

These Scissor Lift Trolleys comply with British Standard EN 1570 which specifies the safety requirements for lifting tables.


  • 125kg – Lift height: 1420mm | Platform size (L x W): 500mm x 840mm | Closed height: 430mm
  • 300kg – Lift height: 1350mm | Platform size (L x W): 590mm x 840mm | Closed height: 295mm
  • 450kg – Lift height: 1550mm | Platform size (L x W): 610mm x 1030mm | Closed height: 295mm
  • 500kg – Lift height: 1900mm | Platform size (L x W): 840mm x 1350mm | Closed height: 490mm
  • 800kg – Lift height: 1900mm | Platform size (L x W): 840mm x 1350mm | Closed height: 490mm


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