Double Vertical Scissor Lift Table – 200kg–3000kg Capacity

Our double vertical scissor lift tables are designed for lifting heavy loads to a higher height than possible with single scissor models. The scissors lift smoothly and quickly, providing a high level of stability for loads up to 3000kg. Ideal for high-height working platforms, pallet stacking and lifts for people with disabilities, the scissor lifts also have a range of applications in industrial and manufacturing sites.

Key Features:

  • Choice of maximum capacities ranging from 200kg through to 3000kg
  • CE-certified and compliant with BS EN1570-1 safety requirements for lifting tables
  • Simple, intuitive push-button controls

The lifting mechanism is an IP54 approved electrical system with overload protection, a 24V DC control unit and operating device with dead man's switch for additional safety. The table is also equipped with hose burst valves and mechanical locks for safe servicing and maintenance activities.

For added safety, these models should be secured to the ground to prevent tipping risk.


200kg model:

  • 280mm folded height
  • 1170mm raised height
  • 900mm long x 600mm wide platform
  • 12-second lift time
  • 125kg unit weight

500kg model:

  • 275mm folded height
  • 1100mm raised height
  • 900mm long x 700mm wide platform
  • 28-second lift time
  • 185kg unit weight

1000kg model:

  • 320mm folded height
  • 1600mm raised height
  • 1300mm long x 800mm wide platform
  • 23-second lift time
  • 230kg unit weight

1500kg model:

  • 450mm folded height
  • 3000mm raised height
  • 2200mm long x 1200mm wide platform
  • 55 second lifting time
  • 720kg unit weight

2000kg model:

  • 360mm folded height
  • 1600mm raised height
  • 1300mm long x 800mm wide platform
  • 34 second lift time
  • 325kg unit weight

3000kg model:

  • 500mm folded height
  • 2200mm raised height
  • 1700mm long x 900mm wide platform
  • 50-second lift time
  • 580kg unit weight


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