Drum Transporter Hand Trolley

If you work with drums, it's more than likely you will want to be able to move them around. Drum trolleys offer a convenient and safe way of transporting drum barrels and containers from place to place. This trolley is specifically designed to carry 210-litre steel drums, although an easily adjustable drum hook makes it capable of carrying varying sizes. 


  • Constructed from tubular steel
  • 2 x 350mm cushion wheels
  • Suitable for up to 1575mm drum height
  • Soft grip handles

The tubular steel used in this trolley's manufacture is inherently strong, and gives a better weight-to-strength ratio than other comparable types of steel. This means you aren't pushing around a lot of extra weight in addition to heavy cargo, making transportation easier and more efficient. This trolley is ideal for areas such as workshops, factories and industrial units. 


  • CE marked and plated
  • Size: 705(W) x 1575(H) mm
  • Weight: 31kg


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