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Electrical Lockout Tagout Belt Kit

Electrical Lockout Tagout Belt Kit

This Electrical Lockout Tagout Belt Kit is the perfect all-in-one lockout/tagout solution for electrical maintenance and repair. The belt pouch contains everything needed to isolate electrics safely and securely in a handy and portable kit, making it ideal for factories and other industrial sites as well as mobile electricians. It allows operators to conform easily to the 17th edition wiring regulations.

The kit contains:

  • 1 x belt pouch
  • 1 x red safety padlock
  • 1 x non-conductive hasp
  • 1 x MCB lockout 'pin in'
  • 1 x MCB lockout 'pin out'
  • 1 x MCB lockout 'pin out wide'
  • 2 x universal MCB lockout
  • 1 x pack (10) of 'do not operate' tags
  • 1 x ultra-fine permanent pen

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