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Electrical Plug Safety Lockout Cylinder

Electrical Plug Safety Lockout Cylinder

Our Electrical Plug Safety Lockout Cylinder makes it easy to isolate electrical machinery safely and securely. The plug sits inside the cylinder, and two interlocking cover plates are closed over the cable and then locked into place. Ideal for routine maintenance, repairs and downtime on industrial machinery.

  • Simple to use cylinder design with interlocking plates
  • Eye-catching yellow colour with clear warning
  • Accepts cables up to 34mm in diameter
  • Three padlock holes (padlocks not included)

This safety lockout also includes a warning label, which states that the power cord is locked out and also has space for the operator to fill in identification details.

Interior dimensions of this cylinder are 84mm diameter x 150mm length, and the cable channel can accept up to 34mm in diameter.

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