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Epoxy Coated Oil Drum Dollies 3 Wheel Dolly empty

Epoxy Coated Oil Drum Dollies

Move large drums around your workplace conveniently and easily with these epoxy-coated oil drum dollies on four swivel castors. The oil drum dollies keep heavy drums safely upright during transport and minimise the risk of manual handling accidents and injuries, and the epoxy coating provides a chemical and abrasion-resistant finish.

Choose from three-wheel dolly, four-wheel circular drum dolly and four-wheel cross-shaped dolly.

  • 3 wheel dolly is suitable for 130 or 210 litre drums and has a maximum load capacity of 300kg. Moves on three nylon swivel castors 
  • circular drum dolly has flat steel braces and circular retention ring with four nylon wheels and a maximum load capacity of 300kg
  • our strongest drum dolly, the 4 wheeled drum dolly has a maximum load capacity of 500kg and an immensely strong fabricated construction

Delivery is free within mainland UK in five days.



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