Fibre Glass Coated Welding Curtains (4578278670371)

Fibre Glass Coated Welding Curtains

These high performance Fibre Glass Coated Welding Curtains are coated in glass fibre material to protect against normal levels of welding splatter and spark. 

Recommended for use during welding operations, in areas where oils, greases, acidic liquids and vapours are present.

  • Robust material to protect workers and minimise the risk of fires
  • Very low level of gas permeability
  • Excellent resistance to abrasions
  • Will not deteriorate when exposed to oxidation, weathering or flexing
  • Hot Work compliant, for use where Hot Work Permits are needed to make the area fire safe

Our Fibre Glass Coated Welding Curtain has superior draping qualities and comes complete with brass eyelets to secure it in position.

Available in four sizes, giving you the flexibility to choose the right medium-duty welding blanket for your workplace.


  • 1.2m x 2.4m
  • 1.8m x 1.8m
  • 1.8m x 2.4m
  • 1.8m x 3.6m

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