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Fire Blanket Location Signs - Photoluminescent

Fire Blanket Location Signs - Photoluminescent

This Photoluminescent Fire Blanket Location Sign will clearly and quickly show the location of a fire blanket, as well as provide simple instructions for use. The sign, with its eye-catching and highly recognisable red and white colour scheme and glow-in-the-dark features, is ideal for use in offices as well as commercial and industrial sites, and is essential for fire-safety.

  • High visibility photoluminescent compliant fire blanket sign
  • Size: 200mm high x 80mm wide
  • Material: Photoluminescent rigid PVC
  • Backing is not self-adhesive
  • Delivery time: 2 to 3 working days

This sign is 200mm high x 80mm wide, ensuring great visibility from a distance whilst still containing easy-to-understand instructions.

The white rigid PVC contrasts sharply with red for both word and symbol clarity, and is finished with a photoluminescent coating for added visibility in dark and low-light environments.

The sign indicates not only the location of the fire blanket but also shows clearly how to use it, making the workplace safer in the event of a fire-based emergency.

This item is delivered in two to three days.

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