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Fire Escape Half-Circle Floor Warning Sign

Fire Escape Half-Circle Floor Warning Sign

Keep employees and visitors safe in the event of a fire, with this Fire Escape Half-Circle Floor Warning Sign. This large eye-catching fire safety sign will remind staff to keep the area in front of fire escape doors free of obstacles at all times, in line with mandatory Fire Regulations, and prompt them to access the fire escape in an emergency.

Its industrial-strength adhesive fixing allows the floor sign to withstand the rigours of busy industrial environments, keeping the fire safety message clearly visible for the long term.

  • Printed on the underside of tough clear plastic film
  • Strong adhesive fixing to ensure long life
  • Ultra-low 0.45mm profile minimises the risk of trips
  • Slip resistance tested to R9
  • Can be used on walls and other flat surfaces, as well as floors, as long as the surface is dry, clean and sealed
  • Measures 750mm (w) x 375mm (d), so the sign can fit between most commercial pedestrian doors

The sign's stand out graphics and text allow it to be seen instantly from a distance. Its message is reinforced by the white on green colour markings that signify 'means of escape and emergency equipment' under the BSI safety signage system.  

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