round fire exit floor sign (4575321358371)

Fire Exit Self Adhesive Floor Sign - 430mm

Direct employees and visitors to their nearest fire exit with our Fire Exit Self Adhesive Floor Sign. At 430mm diameter, with bold colour, text and graphics, this fire safety sign is highly visible, even in emergency situations.

The industrial-strength adhesive fixing will allow the floor sign to withstand busy working environments with forklift trucks and other traffic.

  • Printed on the underside of tough clear plastic film
  • 430mm diameter
  • White text and graphics on green background signifies 'means of escape and emergency equipment' under the BSI safety signage system

Although originally designed for the floor, the Fire Exit Self Adhesive Self Adhesive Floor Sign can be used wherever it is needed: on walls, doors and elsewhere as long as the surface is dry, clean, flat and sealed.

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