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Fixed Base Professional Heavy-Duty Vices 100mm-200mm

These Fixed Base Heavy-Duty Vices have been constructed with a cast iron body for strength and durability, making them ideal for professional use. They work to hold workpieces steady during operations such as drilling, sawing and planing, making them integral tools for woodworking, metalworking and other manufacturing operations.

Their fixed base mounts directly onto a workbench for solid installation and reliability. This model also features replaceable, serrated steel jaws, which are excellent for a range of metalworking tasks including cutting and drilling. With a choice of 4 jaw widths available, we have the right Professional Heavy-Duty Vice for your needs.

Key features and benefits: 

  • Fixed base design allows for solid and sturdy use
  • Comes in a choice of 4 jaw widths 
  • Design features an anvil 
  • 1 year guarantee included
  • Smooth rolled thread for accurate clamping
  • Ideal for professional use 

We also have Soft Jaws available which are compatible with our 100mm, 125mm and 150mm vices. Soft Jaws are suitable for use with more delicate materials which are prone to breakage, such as wood and certain types of metals. 

Item specifics: 

Available in a choice of 4 jaw widths:


  • Clamping Force kg/m²: 1200
  • Jaw Opening: 100mm
  • Jaw Width: 100mm
  • Nett Weight: 9kg
  • Optional Accessories: Soft Jaws for Vices
  • Overall Height: 145mm


  • Clamping Force kg/m²: 1500
  • Jaw Opening: 125mm
  • Jaw Width: 125mm
  • Nett Weight: 15kg
  • Optional Accessories: Soft Jaws for Vices
  • Overall Height: 170mm


  • Clamping Force kg/m²: 2000
  • Jaw Opening: 150mm
  • Jaw Width: 150mm
  • Nett Weight: 23kg
  • Optional Accessories: Soft Jaws for Vices
  • Overall Height: 200mm


  • Clamping Force kg/m²: 2500
  • Jaw Opening: 200mm
  • Jaw Width: 200mm
  • Nett Weight: 35kg
  • Overall Height: 220mm


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