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Forklift Access Platform Cage - Lift-Up Bar

Forklift Access Platform Cage Lift-Up Bar

Safely and securely carry out tasks at height with our Forklift Access Platform Cage. This two-person cage is ideal for warehouses, factories and other industrial sites.

  • Lift-up bar for access and safety
  • Manufactured in accordance with HSE document PM28 4th edition
  • Internal handles
  • Non-slip floor
  • Safety harness attachment rings

Our Forklift Access Platform Cage is strong, safe and can be used by two people simultaneously, providing a secure and reliable platform for working at height. The fork pockets have zinc-plated heel pins to ensure that the cage remains firmly on the forks when in use. The cage unit is painted in an eye-catching bright orange for optimum visibility and the back guard is hinged for easy transportation and storage.

Specifications for the cage are:

  • Maximum weight capacity of 250kg
  • Maximum fork section is 150mm x 50mm at 525 centres
  • Platform is 2030mm h x 950mm wide x 950mm long
  • The unit weighs 102kg

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