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Freestanding 3L Tube Ashtray / Cigarette Bin dark grey

Freestanding 3L Tube Ashtray / Cigarette Bin

Our freestanding tube ashtray is a stylish and attractive solution for reducing smoking-related litter. The dark grey unit is discreet and functional, with a three litre capacity for holding a large number of cigarette ends, and a low-maintenance design that's easy to clean. It's ideal for use where aesthetics are important, or where a portable smokers' area might be of b:enefit.

Key Features

  • Ground fixing kit included for a permanent station
  • Ballasted base provides stability even when not fixed, allowing it to be moved as needed
  • Removable top provides access to liner for quick and easy emptying and cleaning
  • Integral lock for added security
  • All parts and body are galvanised for weather-proofing
  • UV treated exterior keeps the bin looking great
  • 1040mm high x 300mm diameter


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