Galvanised Steel Bollards - 1000mm High

For a low-cost way to control vehicle access and parking, look no further than our galvanised steel bollards. Measuring 1000mm (1 metre) tall from the surface, they are tough enough to protect buildings and pedestrians.

Our Galvanised Steel Bollards are made to the highest quality standards and are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase (if installed and used correctly)

Key Features:

  • Choose from two tube diameters: 101mm or 114mm
  • Flanged base for surface mounting
  • Galvanised mild steel construction
  • 1000mm high
  • Three M12 bolts required for installation (not included)

Bollard Installation:

The Galvanised Steel Bollards should be installed on a suitable concrete surface, no less than 400mm3, using three M12 bolts.

We recommend that bollards are placed no further than 1,200mm apart to ensure that no vehicle may pass between them.

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