12 Durable Lockout Tags

An absolutely essential addition to any professional tradespersons tool box, not only do First Mats 12 durable lockout tags work on the level of being perfect identifiable marks as to where youre at with your job. But from a health and safety perspective exist as a no-nonsense safeguard to protect other professional contractors who are working on the same switchgear or heavy plant equipment/installations as you are.

Clearly defining the potential danger aspect, these dedicated isolation devices are manufactured from a robust water, grease and extreme temperature-resistant polyester laminate. Whats more, the nature of the (OSHA-compliant) heavy duty construction easily allows for some 22kg plus of pullout force to be reckoned with, should events dictate.

Personalise Your All-important Lockout Tags

Designed to invite site-sharing tradespersons to personalise their specific work area so as to avoid risk of injuries, First Mats lockout tags comprise of a surface on which individuals can compose their name, department and more importantly, expect completion date where its clear for others to read.

Our 146mm high x 79mm wide lockout tags are available in a group of 12 seperate items, each presented with their own ties. Also worth noting that the 11mm diameter brass grommet is interchangeable with all safety padlocks.

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