Heavy-Duty Safety Lockout Padlocks - Individual Key

Its often crucial to ringfence a certain part (or area) of a piece of machinery, plant or switchgear, so as to adhere to important health and safety protocols. If so, then one of the very best ways of successfully isolating sum parts is via the employment of heavy-duty safety lockout padlocks.

First Mats collection of safety lockout padlocks is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with lockout hasps, and are available in 8 different colours to simplify identification in various scenarios. Those scenarios might be ones which require a number of professional tradespersons to considerately secure individual areas of an industrial installation. And one of the most foolproof ways of doing this, is by singularily locking off equipment/machinery/areas of responsibility.

First Mats Individual Key Heavy-Duty Safety Lockout Padlocks Zone Off Specific Work Areas

Coloured heavy-duty safety lockout padlocks offer a fantastic solution to the above set of circumstances, and ours also come with a set of sticky-back labels as an additional means of identifying names or codes.

First Mats heavy-duty safety lockout padlocks also brandish upto 100,000 unique locking combinations, courtesy of the precise, Zenex-bodied 6-pin tumbler mechanism. Key-retaining measures ensure that the padlock is never left unsecured, and is supplied with 1 key per lock.

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