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Heavy-Duty Safety Lockout Padlocks - Keyed-alike

Effectively teamed with lockout hasps and tags in terms of machinery, plant and/or switchgear isolation, the First Mats heavy-duty safety lockout padlock (keyed-alike) is packaged in 8 individual colours.

The reason for this being, that this helps to distinguish between one professional tradespersons responsibility and that of a colleague working in another field, yet within the same installation or infrastructure. And where health and safety compliance is imperative.

Anti-corrosive, UV Light and Moisture Properties, Make First Mats Keyed-alike Heavy-duty Safety Lockout Padlocks Go To Security Product

Our exceptionally strong, yet lightweight Zenex-manufactured heavy-duty safety lockout padlocks can withstand whatever is thrown at them (including corrosive properties, UV light, moisture), and afford the facilitator a precise 6-pin tumbler mechanism that invites some 40,000 locking combinations. Locks are all mated to the same master key, while the in-built key-retaining protocols ensure no one padlock is left unlocked.

Continuition of the seperation/theme/customization process manifests in the inclusion of write-on labels, provided to lend additional individuality in the case where one tradesperson wishes to identify their sector responsibility, in tandem with offering a safe and secure environment for others to work in and around when theyre off-site.

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