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How To Treat Electric Shock Casualty - Self-Adhesive Poster

Keep your workplace safe by displaying our 'How To Treat An Electric Shock Casualty' poster in a prominent position on your premises. Manufactured from PVC, this poster outlines what to do in the event of someone being electrocuted as well as how to administer CPR and put them in the recovery position. 

Key Features:

  • Fully updated with the latest guidance and practice techniques
  • Available in size 400mm x 600mm
  • Constructed from self-adhesive PVC for easy installation
  • Clearly legible text and helpful graphics
  • Simple, bulleted lists outlining basic principles
  • 1-year guarantee included
This 'How To Treat An Electric Shock Casualty' poster provides clear step-by-step instructions and with a contrasting black and white colour scheme, this poster is ideal for use in warehouses, workshops and factories. 

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