Imperial BSW Tap & Die Set - 28pcs Split Dies

Our 28-piece imperial BSW tap & die set is manufactured from high-quality steel for strength and longevity, and contains everything you need for cutting, cleaning and repairing internal and external threads.

  • High-quality alloy steel British Standard Whitworth (BSW) taps and dies
  • Split dies with machined lead-ins
  • Includes tap wrench, T-handled tap wrench, thread gauge
  • Self-centring die holder for accurate thread cutting
  • Supplied in a sturdy metal case

This 28-piece imperial BSW tap and die set has split dies with machined lead-ins for ease of use and a self-centring die holder for accurate thread cutting. Each tap size is supplied in taper and plug versions.

The set also includes a tap wrench, a T-bar wrench and a thread gauge, and is supplied in a handy metal storage case.

The set contains:

Taps (Taper & Plug) & Dies (BSW): 1/8" x 40, 5/32" x 32, 3/16" x 24, 1/4" x 20, 5/16" x 18, 3/8" x 16, 7/16" x 14, 1/2" x 12, Die Holder, Thread Gauge (BSW), T-Handle Tap Wrench, Tap Wrench.

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