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K40 Hard Case Fire Blanket - 1m x 1m

K40 Hard Case Fire Blanket - 1m x 1m

If you are looking for a quality fire blanket that can smother small fires safely and quickly, the Kitemark-certified K40 Hard Case Fire Blanket is an excellent choice.

Housed in a quick-release rigid case for easy access in an emergency, the 1m x 1m fire blanket is manufactured from double sided K40 glasscloth that is silicone coated for extra fire-retardancy.

The fire blanket is comes with a five year warranty and is Kitemark certified to BSEN1869:1997, giving reassurance that it can perform as expected to extinguish small hot oil fires in kitchens and cafes, small bin fires and other small fires.

  • Opening is at the base of the case, so the blanket can be pulled out quickly and easily in an emergency
  • Wall mounted, durable hard case protects the fire blanket against workplace damage
  • Hot Work compliant, for use in workplaces needing a Hot Work Permit
  • Silicone fire-retardant coating reduces the risk of flammable vapours passing through the blanket and re-igniting

The case is fire safety red, making it easy to locate in an emergency, with large pictorial instructions that explain how to use the blanket safely.

Ideal for a wide range of workplaces including offices, hospitality, warehousing, construction and education.

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