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Key-Retaining Zenex Safety Lockout Padlocks

When it comes to the isolating of individual pieces of machinery, plant and/or switchgear (for on-going maintainance or remedial work), it's imperative that specific areas are clearly identified. Whether to alert the general public who may have access to an area, or for the benefit of fellow tradespeople, who might also be employed during other parts of a maintenance programme. The objective being to determine which elements are at what stage of scrutiny then and there.

Therefore First Mats' key-retaining Zenex safety lockout padlocks have quickly become the 'go-to' product for professionals looking to shore up areas of work in progress. Work of a precarious nature.

Colourful Key-retaining Zenex Safety Lockout Padlocks Ideal For Quickly Isolating Switchgear and Machinery

Used in collaboration with lockout hasps, the graphic presence of our safety lockout padlocks serves to highlight the underlying 'alert' message. Required to ensure that people are aware of possible dangerous scenarios which could play out if lines are crossed at crucial stages while a job is under way.

With 9 alternative colours from which to select, First Mats' range of key-retaining safety lockout padlocks also come complete with write-on labels. Which readily invites trades professionals across sectors to effectively customize on-site, and so graphically differentiate both current areas and phases of work undertaken at the time flagged up.

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