Keyed-alike (Master Key) Safety Lockout Padlocks

Although they can be used for a number of tasks, by and large First Mats keyed-alike (master key) safety lockout padlocks are far and away most popular in isolation and identification applications, at different stages of maintenance schedules. And directly relating to the fields of electrical, plant or heavy machinery.

Frequented to determine what stage a process is at for the benefit of on-site observers/interested parties (chiefly via individual colourways), our keyed-alike (master key) safety lockout padlocks have been created to lend the security element for a specific piece of equipment, valves or electrical junctions. Primarily as a visual means to safeguarding against accidental use during maintenance or repair periods.

Clearly Identify Your Area of Professional Expertise, While Fulfilling Health & Safety Protocols

Industrial safety is paramount in all scenarios, and professional tradespeople are very much the target audience for First Mats keyed-alike (master key) safety lockout padlocks. The prevention of accidental operation of machinery (or electrical junctions) is an integral part, thus the considered design and material implications of the 9 different colours, chosen for broader ease of identification.

Colour coding historically works well when distinguishing between individual trades or locations, affording everyone a more precise overview of who is still employed on which industrial installation, simply by briefly surveying the colours found on our dedicated keyed-alike safety lockout padlocks.

All the non-conductive Zenex-manufactured lock bodies are grouped to work as sets, courtesy of a common key; however can also be overriden by the master key for peace of mind security. Meanwhile, the precise 6-pin tumbler mechanism offers some 40,000 lockable variations.

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