Large Cable Electrical Plug Lockout

Being able to markedly isolate various working parts of a serviceable industrial infrastructure (equipment, installation and switchgear included), is often at the core of manufacturing bases across various sectors here in the UK.

Therefore its vital that products exist that ensure health and safety is foremost so as to allow professional tradespersons to go about their on-site business, instantly aware of the state of play regarding colleagues remits within the same installation. Especially when theyre not in-situ to communicate with you.

Hence First Mats invaluable rotating large cable electrical plug lockout as seen here. Our popular product is designed to envelope the electrical plug and subsequently place a ringfence around other users wellbeing; by ensuring against accidental reconnection.

First Mats Large Rotating Cable Electrical Plug Lockout Surrounds Plug

In terms of ease of use, our large cable electrical plug lockout boasts outward/inward rotation, and has been created in such a way which enables users to work with the product comfortably within more confined spaces. Courtesy of the rotational aspect of the structure.

Both extreme heat and a cross-section of chemical exposure resistant, First Mats rotating large cable electrical plug lockout works in collaboration with most 220 volt plugs, while also adapting to 550 volt alternatives.

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