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Magnetic Racking Ticket Holders

These Magnetic Racking Ticket Holders provide an easy and cost-effective way to label shelving, pallet racking and storage units in warehouses and storage depots. They comprise a clear PVC pocket with a magnetic strip and once in position, the barcodes can be scanned without removing the insert.

Because the ticket holders have a magnetic strip on the reverse, they can be moved around as needed with no fixings or installation. It also allows them to be used in cold storage areas.

  • Flexible pull forward front makes it easy to change inserts, saving time and costs
  • No installation or fixing required
  • Includes white card inserts
  • Available in three different heights, lengths and pack quantities
  • Can be moved to suit Z shape beams


  • 25mm (h) x 100mm (l) pack of 100
  • 25mm (h) x 200 mm (l) pack of 50
  • 25mm (h) x 1m (l) pack of 10
  • 38mm (h) x 100mm(l) pack of 100
  • 38mm (h) x 200mm (l) pack of 50
  • 38mm (h) x 1m (l) pack of 10
  • 54mm (h) x 100m (l) pack of 100
  • 54mm (h) x 200mm (l) pack of 50
  • 54mm (h) x 1m (l) pack of 10

All packs come with white card inserts.

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