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Magnetic Warehouse Numbers Sheets

Use these Magnetic Warehouse Numbers Sheets to quickly and easily create a numbering system for your warehouse and change it whenever you need to, with no cost or fuss.

Each sheet contains magnetic tiles with black numbers, percentage signs, arrows and punctuation marks on a high contrast white or yellow background.

Simply select the correct tile or tiles and place on any steel surface that is receptive to magnets.

  • Choice of two tile heights: 43mm high (39mm-high number) or 23mm high (17mm high number)
  • Black numbers on white or yellow background, for clear visibility
  • Die cut A4 sheets
  • Magnetic tile allows numbers to be changed or moved to different parts of the warehouse or production facility with no disruption or cost

Tile sets

23mm high tile set contains 31 tiles of numbers 0 and 1, and 17 tiles of numbers 2 to 9 (plus arrows etc)

43mm high tile contains 11 tiles of 0, 10 tiles of 1, and 5 tiles of numbers 2 to 9 (plus arrows etc)

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