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Maintenance-Free Firefighting Equipment Box HS90K

Maintenance-Free Firefighting Equipment Box HS90K

This Maintenance-Free Firefighting Equipment Box is designed to store hose reels and other firefighting equipment securely, keeping them safe and in good condition for use in a fire by trained staff and Fire and Rescue Services.

The Firefighting Equipment Box has no metal parts, making it totally maintenance free. 

  • Compatible with most swinging hose reels (19mm and 25mm)
  • Integral key box and locking device, to stop the firefighting equipment being moved, stolen, vandalised or tampered with
  • Totally weatherproof, with a neoprene seal
  • Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards
  • Fire safety red with universally recognised fire extinguisher sign 

Polypropylene vision panels in the door allow the contents of the Firefighting Equipment Box to be easily seen in an emergency.


  • External dimensions: 900mm (h) x 930mm (w) x 420mm (d)
  • Internal dimensions: 820mm (h) x 850mm (w) x 320mm (d)

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