Multi-Purpose Euro Container Dollies (4808063254563)

Multi-Purpose Euro Container Dollies

Use our Multi-Purpose Euro Container Dollies to quickly and safely move multiple heavy containers with minimum strain.

Perfect for warehouses, factories and workshops, these dollies are cleverly designed to work with various different sizes of Euro Containers, making them the ideal option for moving these containers efficiently.

  • 4 x 100mm swivel castors for easy mobility
  • Maximum load capacity of 180kg
  • Meshed base for ventilation
  • Specially designed for Stacking Euro and Stack and Nest Containers
  • Ideal for workshops, factories and warehouses

These dollies have a maximum weight capacity of 180kg, and even fully-laden they are easy to move on four 100mm diameter white nylon swivel castors. 

The base of the dolly has been designed to suit Stacking Euro and Stack and Nest Containers, with locating points to match both container types and prevent tipping when on the move.  The mesh design of the base also allows air-flow, giving perfect ventilation for Vented Euro Containers.

These items are delivered in three to five days.

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