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This one-way traffic flow plate can be used in unison with other units to deliver complete road coverage and improve overall traffic flow. Made from galvanised mild steel, it is hard-wearing and can withstand use by cars and small trucks.

  • Sturdy design, installed by casting into the floor
  • Offers simple and effective one-way traffic control
  • Suitable for cars and small trucks (not HGVs)
  • Highly visible with yellow design
  • Designed to be cast-in with the concrete for a permanent installation

As a vehicle passes over a plate, it pushes down the flap allowing the vehicle to pass safely. Once over the flap returns to the upright position, blocking any vehicle from travelling over it in the opposite direction. The rubber buffer on the reverse of the flap ensures that noise is kept to an absolute minimum.

For full coverage, we recommend using 1 traffic flow pate for every 0.5 meters of road width. These plates are ideal for use with cars and small trucks, but should not be used in areas where HGVs are used.

Get this product in 15 days with free UK mainland delivery. If you need any further information or advice on this product get in touch and one of our knowledgeable, friendly team will be happy to help.

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