Open Front Metal Stillage - 91cm Wide

Our open front metal stillages are superb for space saving storage in your warehouse or manufacturing area. Our stillages are very hard wearing and are well suited to demanding use in industrial environments, thanks to a robust mild steel construction.

These metal stillages can be stacked up to 5 pallets high, making them ideal for using your storage space efficiently. The open front design allows for ease of access to the contents inside. They are great for use in manufacturing, where you need convenient access to stock components.

  • Open Front Stillage available with mesh or steel panel sides
  • Choice of 5 size options
  • Heavy duty all steel construction, including angled steel corner posts
  • Durable dark blue powder coating
  • Stackable up to 5 pallets high
  • Massive 1000kg load capacity


These open fronted metal stillages are suitable for heavy-duty industrial use, with the open front design making them perfect for storing boxes. You can easily move these pallets around the workplace using a standard pallet truck or forklift. The mesh side option will mean workers can easily see what is stored inside the stillage from all sides. The steel sides are great for optimally durability.

Get this metal stillage delivered direct to your doors. If you have a question about this pallet or any other product in our range, please get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service team who will be happy to help.

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