Outdoor Folding HDPE Pedestrian Safety Barrier

Warn pedestrians of roadworks and other construction hazards with this Outdoor Folding HDPE Pedestrian Safety Barrier, which is fully approved by Openreach. The barrier is moulded in high density polyethylene (HDPE), making it lightweight yet extremely durable and stable in use.

  • Easy and quick to deploy set up around road works, open manhole covers and other works hazards in minutes
  • Manufactured from durable HDPE for long-life use in all weather conditions
  • Recyclable 
  • Highly reflective red/white panels, for added visibility even in low light
  • Available in three gate (5.4kg) or four gate versions (7.2kg)
  • Each gate measures 100cm (w) and 75cm (h)
  • Folds away after use, allowing it to be stored in compact spaces

The Outdoor Folding HDPE Pedestrian Safety Barrier meets the relevant Department for Transport guidance for road signs around works and the reflective panels meet the reflectivity requirements of BSEN 12899-1, making this a quality safety product that can be deployed with confidence.

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