Pedestrian Route Self Adhesive Floor Sign - 430mm (4575321489443)

Pedestrian Route Self Adhesive Floor Sign - 430mm

Minimise the risk of workplace traffic accidents with this Pedestrian Route Self Adhesive Floor Sign. At 430mm diameter, this large eye-catching safety sign will remind employees and visitors to use the segregated pedestrian-only walkway.

Its industrial-strength adhesive fixing allows the safety floor sign to withstand heavy footfall, ensuring a long life in busy working environments.

  • Printed on the underside of tough clear plastic film
  • Clear black and white text and graphics on contrasting yellow
  • Strong adhesive fixing to eliminate trip hazards and ensure long life
  • Large 430mm diameter allows the sign to be seen from a distance
  • Yellow colour signifies 'warning sign' under the BSI safety signage system

Although designed to withstand a floor setting, the Pedestrian Route Self Adhesive Floor Sign can be used on any flat surface (walls, doors etc) as long as the surface is dry, clean and sealed.

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