Plastic Moulded Spill Station

This Plastic Moulded Spill Station is made from robust polyethylene and it is ideal for storing small containers, PPE, tools and maintenance equipment or cleaning supplies. It features a built-in roll holder on the top and can be purchased as either an open fronted cabinet or with a lockable door for extra security. It can be strategically placed in the workplace to ensure easy access to cleaning items or PPE.

  • 100% polyethylene for chemical compatibility
  • Ideal for holding cleaning supplies, small containers, PPE, tools, etc.
  • Open fronted cabinet or lockable door for extra security
  • 3 year guarantee
  • External dimensions: L x W x H: 640 x 580 x 1180mm
  • Weight: 20kg (without door); 23kg (with lockable door)

The spill station is made from yellow polyethylene and it is UV stabilised, so it is suitable for a range of different conditions. It is ideal for use with our Oil Absorbent Pads, which can be used for soaking up water, oil, fuels or coolants, ensuring that your workplace is kept clean and safe.

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