Portable 25L Pressure Washer - 12v (4631091118115)

Portable 25L Pressure Washer - 12V

This portable pressure washer is ideal for use where a mains power or water supply is not available, for example window cleaning, car washing or cleaning in outdoor areas. It is lightweight and highly portable with a robust carry handle, and can hold up to 25L of water. The Automatic Total Stop System preserves motor life by switching the motor on and off when the trigger is operated.

  • Lightweight and highly portable with a strong carry handle
  • Automatic Total Stop System (TSS) operated via a trigger to prolong motor life
  • Powered with a 3m cable fitted with a 12V vehicle accessory socket plug
  • Supplied with 8m hose, variable nozzle lance, detergent bottle and a long fixed brush
  • 1 year guarantee

The 8m hose, long fixed brush, variable nozzle lance and detergent bottle, make this a highly versatile product, ideal for a range of different applications. Detergent can also be added to the main tank for effective and easy cleaning.


  • Hose length: 8m
  • Maximum pressure: 9 bar (131psi)
  • Motor power: 36W
  • Supply: 12V
  • Weight: 3.1kg

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