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Portable Rechargeable Pressure Washer - 12V

This Portable Rechargeable Pressure Washer is ideal for use where a mains power is not available, for example cleaning vehicles or cleaning in outdoor areas. It is lightweight and cordless, with hard-wearing wheels and a shoulder strap, making it highly portable. It has a 17L water tank, which can easily be detached from the base and refilled as required.

  • Lightweight, cordless and highly portable
  • Comes complete with an accessory storage pouch, wheels and a shoulder strap
  • Fitted with a rechargeable lead acid battery, providing up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Supplied with 6m hose, variable nozzle, and a fixed brush with detergent bottles
  • 1 year guarantee

The 6m hose, fixed brush, variable nozzle and detergent bottles, make this a highly versatile product ideal for a range of different applications. The battery is rechargeable, but the pressure washer can also be powered using a 12V socket.


  • Hose length: 6m
  • Maximum pressure: 8.5 bar (123psi)
  • Water flow rate: 2.5L/min
  • Capacity: 17L
  • Motor power: 60W
  • Supply: 12V
  • Battery: Lead acid
  • Charging time: 6hrs
  • Operating time: 20-40mins
  • Weight: 6.8kg

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