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Premium Blue Bottle Skips

Keep the workspace tidy and safe with our Premium Blue Bottle Skips.  These watertight and easy-to-clean skips are perfect for behind the bar or for where space is at a premium, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes - making them ideal for any pub, club, restaurant or hotel.

  • Watertight to prevent leaks and spills
  • Easy to clean and keep hygienic
  • Food safe for commercial use
  • Stackable for space-saving storage
  • Mounted on castors for easy movement

Using a bottle skip is a great way of keeping areas clutter-free and organised. Each skip is open-topped for speedy access, and is watertight to prevent leakage and slip-hazards.

The medium density polyethylene construction is hardwearing and light, making these bottle skips an ideal long-term addition to your bar.

Each skip is mounted on four 2" swivel castors, making them easy to manoeuvre even when fully loaded.

Options available are:

  • 650mm high x 650mm long x 450mm wide, 135 litre capacity
  • 750mm high x 615mm long x 455mm wide, 150 litre capacity
  • 625mm high x 835mm long x 440mm wide, 165 litre capacity
  • 620mm high x 980 mm long x 380mm wide, 165 litre capacity
  • 630mm high x 690 mm long x 610mm wide, 185 litre capacity

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