Our Cross Vices are manufactured from strong and durable cast iron and are fitted with a two-axis fixed base, making them ideal for mounting tables and placing items with precision. These cross vices have been built with greater tolerances for finer threads with clear and accurate (±0.05mm) lateral and longitudinal scales, allowing for precise setting of workpieces. The accurate scales along with the strong and durable design makes these cross vices ideal for professional use.

Key features and benefits: 

  • Manufactured from strong and durable cast iron 
  • Fixed base design fitted with an X + Y axis
  • Extremely accurate scale system for precise setting of workpieces 
  • Available in a choice of 2 jaw widths 
  • Ideal for professional use

These Professional Cross Vices are available in a choice of two jaw widths, allowing for precise control and placement of workpieces. 

Item specifics: 

Available in a choice of two jaw widths. 


  • Jaw Opening: 75mm
  • Jaw Width: 100mm
  • Nett Weight: 10kg
  • Overall Height: 155mm
  • Throat Depth: 35mm
  • Travel: Longitudinal; 80mm, Lateral; 120mm


  • Jaw Opening: 150mm
  • Jaw Width: 150mm
  • Nett Weight: 20.3kg
  • Overall Height: 186mm
  • Throat Depth: 42mm
  • Travel: 240mm

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