Red-labelled Safety Lockout Hasp

If and when you need to isolate your job in hand from those working in close quarters to deliver on safety protocols in the workplace, then look no further than First Mats red-labelled safety lockout hasp.

Designed with multiple workers in mind, our red lockout with tagout identification functionality is something you should always carry in your tool box as you go about your business. Especially if your repeat business involves isolating individuals parts of an electrical assembly, heavy plant equipment or any other industrial installation that poses a risk to work colleagues health and safety.

Best-selling Switchgear Isolation Product

Coming complete with a spring-loaded locking arm, this snap-on simplicity found in First Mats red-labelled safety lockout hasp is certainly advantageous for those of you seeking a secure option when working alongside other professionals in these fields.

Manufactured from a combination of anodized aluminium and stainless steel (which when fused together provides a robust line of defence against corrosion), our safety lockout hasp has long been the go-to product in this arena. Thanks primarily to the underlying fact that it compliments more lockout points than rivet-hinged alternative hasps of this nature.

Easily accomodating up to 5 padlocks and packaged with re-usable write-on safety labels, First Mats high-visibility safety lockout hasps leaves no question marks over whos responsible for which part of the job at any given juncture - or junction - in the well-documented timeline.

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