Social Distancing Floor Mats

Introducing our range of Safe Social Distancing Floor Mats, designed to help customers keep a safe distance apart from one another during the Coronavirus Lock-down.

As well as our standard designs, you can also use a completely custom design or add your company logo. Unlike stickers, our Social Distancing Mats give you the convenience of being able to move them around as needed, or roll up and store when not in use.

  • Clearly displayed distance markers
  • Slip-Resistant vinyl backing
  • Easy to move whenever needed.
  • Colourfast pile fibres
  • Fully machine washable at 30ºC
  • Mat height of 6mm

Displayed boldly on a large entrance mat, the safety messages simply can't be missed by customers and visitors. 

Mat Messages

We have created a selection of designs that each highlight the recommended safe distance of approximately 2 metres apart. More message mats are being added to the range, but if you have any special requirements or own designs we can replicate these for you on your very own custom mat. Please see our Branded Social Distancing Mats for more info.


Our Safety Message Mats are created from premium quality materials including a robust slip resistant vinyl backing and hard wearing matting pile fibres that ensure a long lifespan. These mats are totally suitable for machine washing at 30ºC for easy cleaning.

Message Mat Benefits

Not only do the mats display an important safety message in a way that can't be missed, these premium entrance mats also help to trap dirt, dust and water keeping floors cleaner and forming a barrier between different areas of the workplace. The vinyl borders are low profile and the mats are just 6mm thick to reduce the chances of any slips and trips.

If you have a question about these mats or any other product in our range, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

This product has been produced with current Government guidelines in mind, should these guidelines change then this is not grounds for return. 

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