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Sealey Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platform Trucks - 150kg to 1000kg

Lift and lower heavy loads weighing up to 1,000kg with these Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platform Trucks. Our light duty model has a load capacity of 150kg, and our largest heavy duty model is suitable for loads up to 1,000kg.

The Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platform Truck is manually controlled by a large rear mounted foot pedal, allowing the user to set the platform at a comfortable working height. A safety release mechanism on the handlebar ensures a smooth controlled descent and safety bars prevent the platform from accidentally lowering.

  • Choice of four models with load capacities of 150kg, 300kg, 500kg and 1,000kg
  • Heavy duty construction
  • One-piece hydraulic unit
  • Fitted with four composite wheels, two fixed and two locking castors, for easy movement over uneven workshop and warehouse floors
  • Supplied with non-slip platform cover to ensure loads are secure 

Ideal for garages, warehouses and other industrial settings, these Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platform Trucks can also be used as a mobile service bench.



150kg capacity

  • Maximum platform height: 700mm
  • Minimum platform height: 225mm
  • Nett weight: 39.2kg
  • Platform length: 705mm
  • Platform width: 450mm
  • Wheel diameter: 100mm

300kg capacity

  • Maximum platform height: 770mm
  • Minimum platform height: 270mm
  • Nett weight: 61.89kg
  • Platform length: 820mm
  • Platform width: 520mm
  • Wheel size:125mm

500kg capacity

  • Maximum platform height: 860mm
  • Minimum platform height: 280mm
  • Nett weight: 83.43kg
  • Platform length: 815mm
  • Platform width: 500mm
  • Wheel diameter: 125mm

1,000kg capacity

  • Maximum platform height: 1,020mm
  • Minimum platform height: 430mm
  • Nett weight:124kg
  • Platform length: 1,015mm
  • Platform width: 510mm
  • Wheel diameter:150mm

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