Self Adhesive Racking Ticket Holders

These Self Adhesive Racking Ticket Holders provide an easy and permanent way to label shelving, pallet racking and storage units in warehouses and storage depots. They have a strong adhesive fixing and a clear PVC pocket, which allows barcodes to be scanned without removing the insert.

Once in position, the racking ticket holders are a permanent fixture. To update them with new warehouse information, simply remove the card insert and replace with a new one.

  • Flexible pull forward front makes it easy to change inserts, saving time and costs
  • For use on all sealed surfaces
  • Includes white card inserts
  • Available in three different heights, lengths and pack quantities


  • 25mm (h) x 100mm (l) pack of 100
  • 25mm (h) x 200 mm (l) pack of 50
  • 25mm (h) x 1m (l) pack of 10
  • 38mm (h) x 100mm(l) pack of 100
  • 38mm (h) x 200mm (l) pack of 50
  • 38mm (h) x 1m (l) pack of 10
  • 54mm (h) x 100m (l) pack of 100
  • 54mm (h) x 200mm (l) pack of 50
  • 54mm (h) x 1m (l) pack of 10

All packs come with white card inserts.

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