Shallow Drip Trays (9L to 15L) 2 Pack

Made from durable recycled plastic, these Shallow Drip Trays are ideal for catching oil drips and leaks from plant, vehicles and machinery. Their low profile makes it easy to position them underneath machinery and processes, keeping the floor clean and free of oily residue.

  • Made in the UK
  • Low 5cm profile
  • Available in three sizes, with capacities from 9 litres to 15 litres


  • Short / 9 litre capacity: 57cm (l) x 39cm (w) x 5cm (h)
  • Standard / 12 litre capacity: 79cm (l) x 40cm (w) x 5cm (h)
  • Long / 15 litre capacity: 100cm (l) x 40cm (w) x 5cm (h)

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