Shrouded Shackle Steel Padlock (4528775004195)

Shrouded Shackle Steel Padlock

Our shrouded stainless steel padlocks are versatile and supremely robust locks, perfect for a wide range of intensive uses. The shrouded design limits shackle exposure, making it much hard to attack with bolt cutters. They are supplied with 2 keys so there are no problems if you lose one of the keys. These locks are made to the highest standards, being 50% stronger than regular padlocks, with double deadbolt boron-carbide octagonal locking hardened steel shackles for cut resistance and protection from prying and hammering. This makes the shrouded shackle steel padlock ideal for the demanding industrial and commercial high security applications.

  • High security hex shackle steel padlocks
  • Double deadbolt boron-carbide octagonal locking hardened steel shackle
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel body
  • 4-pin cylinder for increased resistance to picking
  • Weighs 400g
  • Dimensions 60mm wide
    • Shackle diameter 8mm
    • Horizontal shackle clearance 22mm
    • Vertical shackle clearance 24mm


Get this shrouded stainless steel padlock delivered direct to your door. If you have a question about these padlocks or any other product in our range, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

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