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Square Electrical Panel Lockout

Our Square Electrical Panel Lockout boxes are designed to lockout electrical panels that have no integrated lockout system. Simple and effective, these units are ideal for use in commercial, industrial or office environments.

  • Simple two-stage operation
  • Safely and securely maintain or repair equipment
  • Supplied with a padlock

The panel lockout is very easy to use. The base of the unit attaches to the panel over the relevant switch or button using the adhesive backing. Once the base is in place, simply place the housing over the switch or button to prevent access to it, and padlock it into place.

Available in two variants, both of which have gaps in the housing to allow for oversized handles at different angles.

Size specifications for both variants are:

  • Internal size 65mm high x 74mm wide
  • Plate size 95mm high x 95mm wide
  • Cover size 85mm high x 85mm wide
  • 2 padlock holes

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